Nalaga’s introduction to the magical treasures of the Northwest Coast started when she learned to weave from her older sister, Meghann O’Brien. This was the beginning of her journey to where she is now, embracing the richness of her cultural heritage and creating jewelry and artwork that reflects the beauty of Northwest Coast Native design.

Cedar bark weaving has been part of the culture of the peoples of the Northwest Coast for thousands of years; it was and continues to be an integral part of the culture. Her jewelry, baskets and hats represent an important continuation of the ancient legacy of Northwest Coast woven adornment. Nalaga fuses age-old techniques with modern style to create products that can be shared with the world.Cedar bark weaving has been her connection to the rich legacy of the Haida and Kwakwakw’wakw, and has also been a doorway for her to pursue other art forms.

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