Weaving Workshops

Haida/ Kwakwaka’wakw Cedar Weaving Workshops


Nalaga’s work with cedar is grounded in decolonization. Cedar has given her a connection to the land and a deep respect for the earth. Her desire is to help others connect to the land in this way as a way of moving forward in the direction of decolonizing ourselves. Nalaga fuses age-old techniques with modern style to create products that can be shared with the world.  Her jewelry, baskets, and hats represent an important continuation of the ancient legacy of Northwest Coast woven adornment.

Nalaga’s weaving workshops are a way to bring forward the positive energy and imagery from our ancestors. She respects the gifts that come from the spirit world, protects these gifts, and is dedicated to passing them on to future generations. Participants will leave the workshop with an in-depth understanding of cedar bark weaving including its spiritual, cultural, and historical importance in Northwest Coast Indigenous Cultures, as well as the technical skills to weave cedar bark and carry on our sacred tradition and practice.


Impact of workshop on participants

In the Haida/ Kwakwakwa’wakw culture, cedar is referred to as the tree of life. Many of our sacred teachings come from the cedar tree; there is a lot to learn from her. I intend to uplift and empower the participants of the workshop by sharing my cultural and traditional knowledge of cedar, and providing them with a better understanding of the medicine. In addition to my role in the workshop, the cedar itself will help facilitate a positive experience for participants as it has supernatural healing powers and calming properties.

Her vision is to weave a dynamic cultural web of creativity, healing, and belonging for Indigenous folks.  Many Indigenous people have grown up disconnected from traditional teachings and culture, and I am committed to sharing with them all of the knowledge, skills, and teachings related to cedar that I hold. The only way knowledge is kept alive is if it is shared.  These teachings have had such a profound impact on my life, and I know they have the ability to affect the same change in others.

I see myself as a conduit for these teachings. The cedar is the medicine and works on her own with me as a facilitator. The magic of what happens in my workshops for the participants is as a result of my passion for teaching, and my ability to facilitate workshop

Key Activities

·         Educate participants on the traditional knowledge of cedar

·         Educate participants of the historical and spiritual importance of cedar

·         Educate participants of the steps of harvesting cedar bark

Demonstrate and teach participants how to process and weave  cedar bark into bracelets, baskets hats or mats




·         The teacher will provide all materials required for the workshops


Time Allocation

  • A bracelet making workshop take approximately 4 hours
  • A basket making workshop takes approximately 8 hours
  • These times include processing the bark








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