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walkNalaga Designs offers a unique array of cedar bark weavings, two dimensional designs, limited edition prints, trade bead jewelry and clothing and accessories by  Haida/Kwakwakw’wakw artist Nalaga (Avis O’Brien). Cedar bark weaving and carving has been part of the culture of the peoples of the Northwest Coast for thousands of years; it was and continues to be an integral part of the culture. Avis dedicates her days to preserving her culture by continuing on with the work of her ancestors.

Nalaga’s two dimensional designs, paintings and carvings are a way for her display the lineage and history of her people. They embody the power and beauty of her ancestors and those of the supernatural world in which her people originate. Her jewelry, baskets and hats represent an important continuation of the ancient legacy of Northwest Coast woven adornment. Nalaga fuses age-old techniques with modern style to create products that can be shared with the world.

Nalaga’s weaving workshops are a way to bring forward the positive energy and imagery from our ancestors. She respects the gifts that come from the spirit world, protects these gifts, and is dedicated to passing them on to future generations. Participants will leave the workshop with an in-depth understanding of cedar bark weaving including its spiritual, cultural, and historical importance in Northwest Coast Indigenous Cultures, as well as the technical skills to weave cedar bark and carry on our sacred tradition and practice.

Nalaga is apprenticing under Master Haida carver, Jay Simeon. She is learning  designing, painting, repose, metal engraving and carving from Jay. She respects the gift of Haida art that she has been given from her ancestors and will protect it so it can be passed onto the next generations.




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